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buying our CD's .

You probably don't want to buy the songs at all! You much rather would like to just listen: we would if we were you. On Spotify, for example. Go ahead!!!!!

Do you want to download one or more song in mp3-format? Then go to iTunes to get the songs!

So you want to buy the CD? Thank you very much: we're honoured!

If you're living in the USA you can buy the CD in all major shops, or you can order the CD at CDbaby . Actually it doesn't matter where you live: as long as you have a creditcard, you can order it online.

Or you can send us a mail (GerbenRienk@skaguitar.com): we will send you detailed instructions on how much to transfer to what account; after we've received the money, we will send you the CD.

Bob and Gerben Rienk


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