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more ska, more guitar

This CD makes you want to dance and dream.

Contrary to what you might expect from a band named Skaguitar, releasing a CD titled "more ska, more guitar", this CD is definitely not your typical guitarplayers album. Nor your typical ska-album. Instead, this is a very enjoyable collection of guitar-oriented music for the average music lover.

The versatile album is mainly comprised of instrumentals. These range from the chunky "High hopes" to the quirky "Nurks".
If you enjoy straight-ahead ska, listen to "Floating". Do you take your ska with brass? Listen to "Falling" with its roaring baritone sax.

And then there are a few vocaltracks on this disc. "Becalmed" features the husky singing of Mark Foggo, nicely contrasted with the smooth backing vocals. And Maaike Lans shines in the moody "Damn right", backed up by trombones and trumpets.

No space for extended jams here: most songs clock in at 3 1/2 minutes or less. "I'm with you" with its dance-loop and weird gypsy soloing is an exception and lasts 5 minutes altogether.

Itís the wide variety of arrangements presented here, the many-coloured guitarsounds and the overall song-based nature of the playing, which makes "more ska, more guitar" a consistently listenable experience from start to finish.

And when the last song is finished you press 'repeat', because you want to hear more ska and more guitar.


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