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the gear

For those of you interested in what is a skaguitar and what is not, what kind of effects to use, which amplifier to plug in to and what microphone to put in front of it.

Bobbie has an impressive collection of guitar and from it he probably used his beloved Hofner Congres the most for the recordinss. Originally it has no pickup, but Bobbie fitted an extremely cheapo no-name-pickup on it, bought for almost no money: tremendous sound.
For recording Gerben Rienk's amp was used, details later, but every now and then also a Roland Jazzchorus JC-120. In beide gevallen met meestal een SM57 ervoor.
Furthermore you can hear, for instance on Becalmed/Triar his new Gitana (Macaferrie). This guitar as a piezo-pickup, but for recording a Rode NT-1 microphone was used, near the place where the neck meets the body.
Some parts were played on his posh black Gibson ES-175, dating from the nineties for example on Late.
Quite similar to the Gibson is the De Armond, that you can hear on a.o. High hopes.
For the rhythm-part of "Hurry hurry" we used an Avantage, in combination with the NT-1 and a tube preamp. And even his Martin travel-guitar plays a tiny role in "I'm with you".

For most bass parts an acoustic SX with active pickup was used: straight into the tube preamp. Except in "Late" where some sort of double bass/ Stick was used, made in Cuba. And Machiel plays in "Becalmed/Triar" on a real double-bass. What you hear is a mix of the bass'pickup and the NT-1, placed a bit away from the bass, so no additional amplifying


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