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let's keep this short

(This is the short, unofficial version of Skaguitar's history.)

Bobbie and Gerben Rienk met in Amsterdam, Holland, at a school for jazz music, both with guitar as main instrument. Their educational career was shortlived, because they spent more time playing ska, than studying. In bands like the Regulators and the Tycoons, world famous in Nowheresville, they fused ska, reggae, jazz and gypsy.

At one of their gigs Mark Foggo saw Gerben Rienk and asked him to join the Skasters for one weekend. This weekend became many, many years, resulting in five CD's and hundreds of gigs.
Bobbie joined Rude Rich and the High Notes, so now both toured Europe: from Denmark to Spain, from Poland to the Shetlands.

In between this touring they managed in 2001 to release their first mini-CD, Skaguitar, with jazz-standards and originals. This collaboration was so inspiring, that they began writing new material, this time for a full-length CD. In 2007 they quit all other activities and concentrated on arranging and recording their new songs. Several seasoned (ska) musicians contributed to this album.

Already they were on stage with the likes of Beef, Rude Rich and the High Notes, Mark Foggo, e.a. And their target for the future is: more ska, more guitar.


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